Do you struggle with depression, anxiety or pain while taking medicine?  

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If you are decreasing your medication intake

Do it gradually and with safety


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Personalized step-down program

  • Create your own plan to regulate your intake of painmedicine, antidepressants, benzodiazapines or substitutes  
  • Specify your current medicine(s) and dosage(s)
  • Specify step-down dosages as advised by your doctor

Track symptoms

  • Daily surveys to track your symptoms on scales of 1-10
  • Choose from a list, or add separate symptoms

Track well-being

  • Fortnightly indexes to track your progressive well-being status
  • Rate five statements to grasp your sense of happiness and attitudes
  • Receive an overall well-being score for the past two week

Visualize your progress

  • Compare your well-being scores with your daily medicine dosages
  • View graphs to get an unique overview of your progress

Daily reminders

  • Remember when to take your medicine(s) at the right dosage(s) 
  • Push-notifications that remind you to track your symptoms and well-being

Be in control

  • Extend and modify medicine dosages during your step-down program 
  • Keep a diary of your experiences
  • Mark special days manually
  • Send graphs via e-mail and share your progress directly to your doctor

About MediBee

MediBee is an innovative app designed to help you regulate your medicine intake. Through a personalized step-down program, the overall goal is to regulate or reduce your medicine dosages whilst having control over your well-being and potential side effects.

  • When using MediBee, you will find an extended list of common prescription drugs and medicine groups. You can create unique step-down programs that include the main medication you want to taper off, and beyond that several other medications, you may take.
  • You may plan your withdrawal in collaboration with a health professional; however, the dates for downscaling medicine dosages are ultimately determined by you. Furthermore, you can modify medicine dosages, or the step-down program’s end date, at any time. In accordance with your most recent instructions, MediBee will notify you when to take your medicine.
  • During your tapering and withdrawal process, you will be encouraged to measure experiences of symptoms and track your overall well-being. To truly experience your physical and psychological progress, MediBee generates holistic graphs that visualize the connection between your lower or higher medical dosages, your symptoms, and your mood.

MediBee strives to support you in various ways - whilst taking care of your current needs of personal insight and control. At times where your doctor cannot be with you, the app secures your safety by preventing unwanted symptoms and reactions through ongoing digital communication. The ultimate goal of MediBee is to help you experience a personal control and an increased wellbeing, while regulating your medication during tapering.

For HealthCare Professionals

Induce higher levels of support and safety towards patients who are withdrawing from antidepressants, benzodiazepines and painkillers

  • Introduce your patients to the app and enable them to decrease and taper off gradually. Collaborate and create a step-down plan together. 
  • Set up the app to give daily reminders about correct medicine dosages. Empower your patients to follow their registered step-down program.
  • Patients are encouraged to fill in the WHO wellbeing test twice a month, and reductions in medicine dosages must be a minimum of two weeks apart. Use Rebound to reinforce stable withdrawals. 
  • Your patients can indicate their symptom severity on scales of 1-10 and comment on their experiences. All of this can be shared with you via the app. 
  • Receive PDF-rapports with graphs combining measures of physical and mental health. Gain realistic understandings of your patients’ withdrawal processes. 
  • Follow and monitor your patients’ progressions on a day-to-day basis. Become more involved as a health professional. Use Rebound to advise your patients and enhance your internal communication.


Meet Our Team

The team behind Rebound are dedicated professionals with extensive experience and knowledge related to addiction and dependency. The founder of Rebound, Silvia Meyer, has recovered from 14 years of drug & medicine addiction. She established the Danish NGO Misbrugsportalen (translation: The Misuse Portal) in 2012, and has been working with addiction since. Together with Silvia, Lærke Ladefoged-Demant is the co-founder and partner of Rebound. Lærke has worked with addiction, recovery and social development projects for 14 years, and is currently the general manager of the NGO Misbrugsportalen. Michelle Barløse is Rebound’s assisting project manager and has an academic background in psychology.

Jonas Rugh Hansen
Head of Tech & CPO
Chaispilot, Responsible for MediBees Technology
Silvia Meyer
Co-Founder & CEO
Founder & Director of the Danish NGO Misbrugsportalen.
Michelle Barløse
Project Manager
BSc in Psychology & Cand.soc. HRM (currently)
Dr. Mads Tandrup
Head of Quality Assurance
Doctor in medicine and Head of Medical Treatment at Kings Island Treatment Center
Lærke Demant-Ladefoged
Co-Founder & Partner
General Manager of the Danish NGO Misbrugsportalen
Luke Thompson
Social Media Manager
Responsible for MediBee´s social platforms


MediBee Care A/S

CVR 38597256

Overgaden Oven Vandet 10, 2.

1415, Copenhagen K

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MediBee is an innovative app designed to help you regulate your medicine intake. Through a personalized step-down programme, the overall goal is to regulate or reduce your medicine dosages whilst having personal control and limit your side effects. 


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